Sell Your House Quickly

Sell Your House Quickly

Helping Homeowners Throughout Minnesota - Based out of Albany & St. Cloud, MN

What makes us different from your typical cash buyer is that we are licensed real estate agents that follows a strong code of ethics. You will not only receive a cash offer from us but also a free home evaluation as if you were requesting our real estate agent services.

Our Licensed Agents will provide you with:

  • Recommended repairs to maximize sale price
  • Repairs required to qualify your home for special financing such as VA and FHA financing. This dramatically increases the number of buyers and demand for your home.
  • Estimated market price after all suggested repairs are completed.
  • Estimated market price As Is without doing any repairs.
  • Estimated off market price if you were to sell to a cash buyer before listing on market.
  • Seller Net sheet showing you your estimated proceeds in each one of the selling options above after all cost, fees and commissions are deducted.

When you use an agent that has a complete understanding of the real estate market and they provide you with all of this important information, you can be sure that your are making the best decision
for your individual needs.

If you feel that it is in your best interest to sell your house fast for the cash and you don't want to go through the process of putting it on the market, you can sell it to House Help MN as is. We purchase homes all over Minnesota and you can get an offer on your property immediately with our Cash Offer Calculator.

Instead of spending months on the traditional real estate process, you'll receive a cash offer that you can accept or decline with no obligations. If you like your offer, you simply choose your closing date and you're finished. Let our agents do the rest - get an offer on your home by using our calculator.

Speed isn't the only reason to sell as is. When you sell your home to House Help MN, you'll appreciate that you won't have to...

  • Pay commission fees, closing costs, inspections or appraisals
  • Negotiate repairs or deal with showing your house
  • Worry about delays or buyers backing out of the sale

When you sell as is, you can also simply take the items you want, leave the ones you don't and be done with it. Get started today by using our calculator.

  • Cash in hand in 7 to 14 days!
  • Forget the repairs and clean up! Sell AS-IS!
  • Even leave your personal items you no longer want!
  • Use our Cash Offer Calculator

Selling to Us vs Listing with Agent

When you sell AS IS you can take just the items you want and you can leave the rest!