When you face foreclosure of a home, it can be incredibly stressful. Foreclosure can change families, routines, and future housing options. Thankfully, there are options for you post-foreclosure to find housing and begin to rebuild, figuratively speaking. To take a few things off your plate, below are a few possibilities for those who are searching for a new living space.



A commonly known option is renting. Renting has a quick turnaround making a home easy to secure in a short period of time. This housing method provides a sense of stability without the long-term commitment of homeownership. Property management personnel may be willing to work with you during foreclosure to provide security. To increase your chances of being a trustworthy renter, make efforts to prove you have a stable income and are working to rebuild your credit.


Renting? Check on-:

● Your Credit Report: Knowing how your credit appears to a landlord will help you discuss and address any concerns they have about taking you on as a renter.

● Past Circumstances: Be sure to know and be willing to go over your financial history and what led you to foreclosure. Explaining those circumstances and the positive changes you have made to alter them can further incentivize the landlord to rent to you.

● References: If possible, providing letters of recommendation from previous landlords or employers can strengthen your rental application.

● Co-signers: A co-signer is another party with a stronger financial history who is willing to sign a lease with you. When they also sign, their financial history is taken into account and increases your chances of securing housing.


government assistance

Another possibility for a person facing foreclosure is government assistance. Various government housing programs exist for the purpose of assisting persons facing all types of housing difficulties. Such programs include Section 8 housing choice vouchers, public housing, and low-income housing. In addition, if you are eligible, tax-credit properties offer affordable rental options.


exploring government assistance? check on-:

● Your local Housing Authority: A Housing Authority is a government body that can, at times, provide low rent or free apartments. If this is not an option through them, these facilities will be able to provide information about other available programs and any associated eligibility requirements.

● Online resources: Increasingly, the internet is becoming the place to go for housing information. Where it is advised to speak to a housing professional for more in-depth housing questions, internet resources can give a fantastic overview of generalized information. HUD.gov is a great site to start with, as it offers comprehensive information on federal housing assistance programs and how to apply for them.

● Non-profit organizations: If you are unable to qualify for or are finding difficulty applying to gain government support, try looking for a non-profit. A number of non-profit organizations are specifically qualified to give advice regarding housing assistance. These organizations are able to provide guidance and support throughout the tedious application process.



At House Help Contract-For-Deed housing, sometimes known as a Lease-to-own agreement or a CFD contract, is a recommended option for individuals who are searching for alternative ways to own a home again. Contract-For-Deed is a credit-building option that allows you to make rental payments that contribute to eventual ownership of the home. Our other blogs give more in-depth information on the subject if this is an attractive option for you.


Looking into Contract-For-Deed? Check on-:

● The terms: When negotiating and signing a CFD contract, thoroughly review the terms of the agreement. Important aspects to check on are the purchase price, the monthly rental payment, additional fees, and any other requirements.

● Lease Length: Be sure to concretely set and determine the length of the lease. If the goal is homeownership, being aware of when you can execute the purchase is essential.

A real estate attorney: CFD contract negotiations are a common area for untrustworthy home sellers to take advantage of hopeful buyers. If an attorney is within your means, seeking legal advice can ensure the agreement is fair and legally binding. If it is not, double-check everything. A sale that seems too good to be true probably is.


shared housing

It’s not anyone’s first option, but sharing housing costs with roommates or family members is guaranteed to lower costs. For individuals struggling financially after foreclosure, sharing housing can help them get back on their feet. Rent and utilities being split between multiple parties lowers the financial stakes for all parties, making housing more affordable.


Sharing Housing? Check on:

● Expectations: Before beginning to share housing, take time to review expectations. Discuss responsibilities, boundaries, and financial arrangements with potential roommates right away. In addition to having an established agreement, an early conversation will locate red flags before you link your finances.

● Compatibility: Are you a night owl? Morning person? Do you have pets? Allergies? When selecting housemates, choose people whose lifestyles and habits align with your own to avoid potential conflicts.

● A written agreement: Physically written guidelines provide an easy reference for set boundaries and expectations, helping to prevent future arguments.

Foreclosure is never a fun thing to face, but it is not an ending. Renting, government assistance, Contract-For-Deed, and shared housing are all potential places to find security and safety. Making and establishing which direction you and your family will be post-foreclosure will greatly reduce the stress already surrounding housing difficulties. Take steps towards finding future housing. Contact House Help to talk to a qualified real estate professional about your homeownership options.

At House Help MN we understand the importance of a home and how big of a decision it is when it comes to buying or selling, and that not every situation is the same. That is why we follow a strict code of ethics and are transparent with everything we do. With 20 years in the real estate industry, we will walk you through multiple options and help you every step of the way. We will find a solution that is right for you and make the process quick and as easy as possible.


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