Buy a House Without Dealing With the Bank

Buy a House Without Dealing With the Bank

How Contract-for-Deed Financing Works:

You don't have to have perfect credit to take advantage of Contract-for-Deed financing. The process is simple:

  • Only requirement is 20% Down Payment
  • We discuss terms based on your budget
  • You choose the house you want, and we'll buy it for you
  • Then, we'll sell you the house on a contract-for-deed basis

We understand that just because of an unfortunate incident in your past or not showing enough income on paper, because of being self employed, you can have a hard time finding your home. This shouldn't keep you from owning a house that you can afford.

Own a Home Fast and Easy!

With the help of Contract-for-Deed Financing

  • No Background or Credit Check!
  • 20% down payment!
  • Pick any home on the market!
  • Own a home and move in, in as little as 14 days by using our services!
  • Use our CFD Calculator to see your monthly payment without having to enter any personal information!